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Although this post is technically more about pregnancy, but when you or your partner have become pregnant the best thing for you to possible to once the kid (or in my case twins) come is for you to plan and prepare properly. Really, you should plan and prepare properly beforehand, or your personal and professional life will suffer. While this is all technically really obvious, you have yet to understand or realise how much your life will change once you have children. That’s why many people do not plan or prepare properly, and that is also why it is important for you to ensure you plan these changes properly well in advanced so you know what is to come. So I have a few suggestions for you to make those changes and prepare properly.

In my most previous blog post I spoke at length about this, but I feel I should make a summarised version here about what I have previously posted and how you can now prepare for this before birth. When your child is born, your professional life can’t help but change for a few reasons, and it isn’t just the lack of sleep that will do that to you! It’s also a lack of motivation and momentum in the first 6 months and the main issue that you will find is that you will not find the time not will you have the focus that you will actually need day to day to complete your work. There is a way however that you can prepare for this all in a way that you should know about beforehand, and I wish I knew about. Since the biggest obstacle as a worker crops up once after having children is that the focus you once had is gone and you find it difficult to complete work at hand, as you become more engrossed in personal issues. This means day to day you suffer professionally and deadlines will become difficult to manage. Therefore, here is some advice I will give you in order to properly prepare for once this happens:

Every day, ensure that you break up your working time into increments of half an hour each, and then make sure to focus those increments on your most important and demanding tasks first. Once you are able to tackle the important tasks first, you will see that you can speed through the smaller ones quickly. The faster you can get yourself into this pattern the better for you, since it is only natural that work will end up coming second to your family life. This will allow you to become as efficient as possible, and put you in the habit of tackling tasks and issues before the children are born. It took me months to figure this out once the twins were born, and I felt much better after.

Some also say that it is good to get into a sleeping pattern that would be similar once kids are born, but I found the opposite help. Before the twins were born I got as much sleep as possible, and once they came I ended up taking a variety of vitamins and tablets such as ZMA’s before bed and it helped me become as awake and aware as possible. It helped me stay awake for the span of hours and it also meant that I could get everything I needed done, even with an inconsistent sleeping pattern.

I do think going to classes are also a good idea to learn from the parenting side, but ensuring that you do the best you can to actually prepare your day to day life before the children come will be the most helpful thing for you. This will help ease not just financial burdens or stresses that you will have, but other stresses that will inevitably pop up. It will also help what will feel like an increased workload, even though it is not!

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