The benefits of being a parent part 1

This is a blog that is about twins, but there is a small fact that I have yet to go over. There are many benefits to having children that I have yet to talk about, instead focusing on other thingsThere’s a lot of benefits from the government financially, but that’s not quite what I mean. I am actually quite excited to talk about this, since there are so many benefits that are out there from being a parent. Since we have readers who are parents and others that are still trying to decide if they should be a parent, I will give you two ways to look at it. It is very hard, but it is actually worth it, and although it is the most expensive thing you will do, it pays itself back in years of happiness. So here are some of the benefits of being a parent!

Becoming a couple to becoming a family

When you find a partner for you that is more like a life partner than anything else, you can envision spending the rest of your life with them and quite honestly there is no closer bond you can have. I became a parent of twins at the age of 29, and while we planned just the one quite honestly, I don’t think I would be as close to as happy as I am right now if it wasn’t for the two. Both me and my partner are closer than we have ever been, and we are now a family and there’s nothing better in the world.

Becoming unselfish

Even though I own my own business, I realised quickly that being a parent is a twenty four seven job for 18 years at the very least. Imagine having a cat you have to always keep your eyes on to the point you get up day and night to check up on it. That is pretty much the closest description you can have as to what a child is like. You become a servant to them, as you realise the needs of your kids are way more important than your own personal needs. But it is at the moments you are looking after your children where you realise the most that you truly love them.

How much happier you become

It is true that children really do enrich your life to a point you didn’t know existed. The approach and the view that they have in life is completely filled with an innocence and wonder that as adults we have lost a long time ago. Day to day that approach is amazing. Everything to the children is new and different, and every so often you get to experience that new wonder through them. At first we as parents do moan and feel bad about ourselves because we lack the freedom we used to have, there comes a time that you begin to realise that you can have a much more filling and enriched life altogether. I have begun to experience new viewpoints myself, and mentally I have begun to feel so much better about everything in life. It is something I feel only a child can really provide for you.

Children become teachers

Even though I studied business at school so I could open my own business, I have found myself learning from children more than I ever have. Even though I would still apply the techniques and knowledge that I picked up from school, there was a discipline and a work ethic that bordered to such an extremity that I was yet to learn and never realised that was possible that became a real eye opener for me. I applied what I have learnt from being a parent to my twins that I used to become a better parent, but also used it to become a better businessman at the same time too. Experiencing that development through my children really helped as well, and because I had twins I learnt it twice as fast as most. I learnt little facts like capital cities of countries I hadn’t known about, the names of the coolest dinosaurs and even names of cartoon characters.

Overall just these allowed me to experience benefits I couldn’t have otherwise imagined, but there is still more to come!


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