The benefits of being a parent part 2

Although I spoke in quite some depth yesterday on this subject, I had a lot of fun discussing it and I am sure others will enjoy it too. So here is what I have left to talk about!

Feeling healthier

There is a weird truth to the fact that physically you become in much better shape than you did before you became a parent, and it did happen to me. I think it is because of a few things such as taking care of someone else means that you need to take care of yourself. This meant that I began to eat a lot more but healthier food, and going to the gym 4 days a week. I did this because I wanted to set a better example to the twins but I also want to see my twins grow up and have families of their own. I feel better mentally as much as I do feel better physically. Strangely I am not the only one who is feeling this way as well.

You begin to learn about yourself

You do actually learn about yourself as a parent as much as you learn about the kids. For the first 25+ years of my life I thought I knew myself well enough, but when the twins were born I began to realise there were other things I used to like which now I don’t, and vice versa.  The twins have helped me become a lot more patient while also helping me become a lot more loving, and I have begun to experience things in a new way. Now I hate things that I never even knew I should and love things that I never knew I should have. But it also helped me realise that I know who I am and what I really love in life; my family and my business.

Increase in Self Esteem

There is such a self-esteem boost that you receive from being a parent that it is actually quite odd. There are times like when your children call you the best parent in the world or when they see you as if you are their hero of just the greatest person in the world, that there is no feeling more extraordinary. There really is nothing that is quite like it to hear words such as that come out of your kid’s mouth and the fact is you can see they believe it on their faces. Although every so often I do throw it in my partners face as a joke! What you don’t realise is that while your children become the main thing in your life, your kids see you as their life too. So even though you do have to give up and sacrifice so much for your family to be happy and especially your children, the rewards really are just as great as what you give up. You make a true commitment to your family and you receive that back.

You get to act like a child!

The coolest thing for me personally about being a parent is that I get to act like a child again! Now I can play video games all day and play with toys and I get to use the child as an excuse. I have a reason to go Disneyworld and I can just sit around watching cartoons or kick around a football in the park in my bare feet and no one cares! It’s great!

Laughing more than you think!

Now let’s be honest, kids aren’t the funniest. They can’t tell you jokes and they won’t be the best of jokes either. The thing is though they really do the funniest things completely by mistake. They will say or do something that they won’t realise that is the funniest thing in the world, and you will love it.

The love

The fact of the matter is, you become to close and so attached to another human being that there is a love that is unexplainable that you will never feel otherwise. That is all I can really say, but that alone makes having a child worth it.

Thanks for reading this week! I hope some of this has helped you realise how cool it is to be a parent!

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