Working with Kids

As a carpet cleaner based in Wimbledon with twins, this blog post isn’t about using kids as part of your workforce, only because silly enough there are actually laws for that. That is actually a joke by the way in case you start getting worried! This is more about the realization of the lack of motivation and work that actually hits you once the children are born, which I hinted to at an extent yesterday. A wide known fact is that these days maternity leave is widespread and has become normal, with some new mothers being able to get up to 2 years off paid. But with the majority of companies, new fathers absolutely do not have that luxury and for the most part find it difficult to even get 2 months off without looking bad. That is part of the reason it actually is hard to get any work finished in the first 6 months of having a child as a father. That is partially because of the kids keeping you up in the morning and night, but it is also because it is hard to actually motivate yourself to work day to day as I quickly found out. Although balancing the day to day work with the responsibilities at home can be incredibly difficult, one thing that really makes it difficult to be able to deal with that efficiently is the lack of motivation.

As someone with twins, I had a huge obstacle to get over because I began suffering from a lack of motivation and found it very difficult because of what had been going on at home at the time. It seemed like looking back on it that my life priorities had temporarily changed and that really took me out of the zone when it came to work for the first few months. I can recollect a number of times that I had a deadline to complete (certain items being done on a specific day, etc) and I just could not organise my time or focus efficiently enough to get the job done immediately. This really does sound silly and ridiculous when reading because it almost seems like I was just being lazy and it is possible that I was, but the truth is that it had nothing to do with the twins taking all of the time out of the day. It was really that my mind was so focused on my family instead for such a long period that I instead was worried about the kids welfare and if my partner had the support she needed. It meant that I was allowing work to come second and that the kids should become first, when the truth is that the business is really what allowed things to be so easy financially.

Truthfully I couldn’t even find the ability to focus and concentrate properly on tasks that were simple day to day because of the motivation I had lost. I remember when building my companies website that even though realistically I had about a month to write 4000 words of content it should have only taken a week most. And that is if I only spend two hours a day on it. And yet I still couldn’t complete the website for over a month and a half until I had a day alone. I just lacked the ability to be able to sit myself down and just focus on a single task for a sustained period of time because of what was going on away from the business. It was because I had so many other things to think about outside of my working life like if the kids are okay, and if my partner needs any support or help. These little thoughts niggled at me and just stopped me from working.

The truth is I stopped this lack of motivation by realising that I needed to become a self-starter and self-motivator if I wanted to get work done. That’s really the only trick. Otherwise, you will be doomed for a while.


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